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Bombs Away! Tiny-Techies Combo

This trick works well in early game. Since every heroes has lower HP from the start, the Techies suicide can be very fatal. When you are in the lane with int and agi heroes you will have a good chance to kill a hero in one suicidal attempt. Here's the trick:


.Let Tiny upgrade toss and Techies, suicide.
.Aim for your target, choose the hero which has lower HP and has lower armor.
.Let the Techies always stand just near the Stone Giant to wait for the perfect time.
.When the time is right, toss the Techies near the enemy and let it commit suicide.

Kaboom! You just killed an enemy.

This trick will surely slows down enemy level up and harassing them can be very irritating. Not to mention the excitement of making fun with the game with this tactic.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

whahah that really is a effective because after you suicide you may get a first blood or maybe a double or triple kill....whahahah owning....
here is another way for tiny and techies combo...
techies plants land mine/remote mine near him then tiny tosses the enemy into techies near a bomb and the enemy will surely die.....