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Explosive Swapping: Vengeful-Techies Duo

Vengeful Spirit and the Goblin Techies can make a devastating duo that will surely add fun to your gameplay. Skills needed to be upgraded are swap of Vengeful Spirit and the Techies' landmines or remote mines. This trick can surely kill one enemy if executed well. Here's how it works:

Techies Vengeful Spirit

. Let the Techies plant land mines or remote mines just enough to kill a hero.
. Let the Vengeful Spirit to stand on the mines and wait for a perfect time.
. If an enemy is on the range where you can swap the hero, then use the skill.
. Kaboom! The enemy can be either be hit by the land mines or burned with the remote mines.

This tactic, however, requires precision to distance of the Vengeful Spirit and quantity of mines to be planted. It's better to plant more mines to make sure that it will surely die with the explosion. In the event that the enemy still survived the blast, then the Vengeful Spirit can finish him with her Magic Missile.

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