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Anti-Techies Guide Using your Crows

The Techies could be one of the most underestimated hero in Dota. Aside from the Techies' low hp, low damage and unique gameplay, many players just ignored the poor guys because of their small size. Many thought that later in the game, the Techies will be helpless and not that very effective. Little they know, that expert Techies' players can own even the mean heroes of the other team.


Squee and Spleen usually own the game from the start. With the suicide and landmines, a Techies expert can easily get beyond Godlike even before they can reach 30 minutes of gameplay. So, the best way to counter this, is with the help of our little flying couriers. Here's some tips to remember:

.Let your courier evolve to crow for better advantage.
.Upgrade it to have mana so you can carry observer or sentry wards.
.Put wards in locations where you think the Techies might plant their devastating mines.
.Always remember to use the barrier of the courier to protect it from the damage of enemies or remote mines.
.Also, you can buy 2 or 3 crows that will go to and fro on locations that give better bird's eyeview on your enemies.
.Let the crows to spy across the map to patrol different areas.

With the help of this little precautionary tactic, you can save your team from the trickery of these mischievous goblins.

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