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Invisible Immolation Combo- A Dark Seer Guide

Perhaps the best partner that Ish'kafel the Dark Seer can team-up with are those heroes with invisbility skills. Why? The reason is the Dark Seer has a very good skill called the Ion Shell, that can be very effective if used to support allies with invisbility skills. Here's how it works:

Dark Seer

. Take Rikimaru (as an example of ally with invisbility skill) to work together with Ish'kafel.
. Let the Stealth Assassin to stay close from your enemies with Ion Shell covered his body.
. The Ion Shell spell can take 35 up to 75 damage per second that last for 15 seconds.
. 15 seconds is more than enough to take damage as much as 1125.
. The good thing is, the enemy might be unaware of your ally who is nearby.

This is my favorite tactic used everytime I play Ish'kafel. When there are no heroes who have invisbility skills around, I buy lothars instead. Although, it's not fundamentally for int type like the Dark Seer, but it's still worth it for escaping and harrasing your foes.

Here are the list of heroes to team-up with Ish'kafel:

GondarRikimaruNerubian AssassinNerubian WeaverPhotobucketBone ClinkzPhantom Lancer
. Gondar
. Rikimaru
. Nerubian Weaver
. Nerubian Assassin
. Treant Protector
. Bone Clinkz
. Phantom Lancer

Lanaya and Mirana has limitations on using their invisibility skills. So I don't recommend them.

Enjoy and have fun with this strategy. You're going to like this one.

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