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Sudden Death- Terrorblade and Axe Dou

To play Terrorblade (Soul Keeper) and Axe (Mogul Kahn) effectively you need to be a good player of both heroes. This strategy is a little tricky and may somehow turn-out to be very ironic. The core skills you need to perform this perfectly are Terrorblade's Sunder and Axe's Culling Blade. Follow this step-by-step guide:

Axe Terrorblade

.For more effective gameplay you should equip Axe with Kelen's Dagger and Terrorblade with Lothar's Edge.

.Let Terrorblade reduce his HP as low as possible but not low enough to get killed by one hit of spells or physical damage.

. If you found your prospect target, let Terrorblade hide using his Lothar's Edge so he can caught the enemy unaware of his presence. Next, Sunder the enemy so you can switch hps together.

. Check if the remaining Hp of the enemy is low enough for Mogul Kahn to finish, then use Culling Blade for the final blow.

.If the enemy have a pool of life to survive the Culling Blade, then you can use Berserker's Call first just to inflict more damage. Sometimes Berserker's Call alone can end up the struggle of your opponent.

This kind of strategy works well with almost all heroes since Sunder can greatly reduce enemy hps, especially when it was upgraded to level 3. Culling Blade also can instantly kill enemy with 625 life and below. That's a good combination for both heroes with fatal skills.

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