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Hero-killing Guide for Undying

Dirge the Undying is probably the most underestimated hero I knew so far. He was considered to be the weakest hero by most Dota players and the poor guy is always neglected. Little they know, that the Undying can be a very valuable ally in the battlefield, not just early in the game but until the later part of it. If they only know how to use him though. Perhaps the biggest factor that make Dirge an effective hero-killer is to equip him with items that are suited to his innate skills.
Here's my ultimate item build for Dirge for hero-killing:


. The core item needed for this strategy is a level 5 Dagon. Together with The Undying's ultimate skill the Plague, Dagon's damage can be very devastating.

. To gank an enemy you must use your Plague to amplify the damage of Dagon up to 25% to 30% additional damage. A level 5 Dagon has a normal spell damage of 800 and together with Plague can have at most 1040 spell damage. It's like your playing Lion (Demon Witch) equipped with Aghanim's Scepter.

. For more devastating result buy Orchid of Malevolence to add 20% more damage on the enemy making it as powerful with Laguna Blade of Lina Inverse (Slayer) equipped with Aghanim's Scepter.

With this items, Dirge can be a very dreadful foe to reckon with on a clash. A foolish player, can have his hero easily be wiped-out in just a blink of an eye for carelessness.

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