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The Bounty Hunter's Guide for Hunting Mages

Gondar is one of the best hero that can deliver surprise attack to unwary foes. His skills are excellent for both reconnaissance and backstabbing. But how can the Bounty Hunter be very effective on hunting down mages if they have the spells to easily counter his attack? Take Lion for example, he can turn Gondar into a critter with his Voodoo, stun for 3 seconds with his Empale and can finish him for good with Finger of Death. The poor guy can be toasted in a blink of an eye! So if you can't defeat tough enemies with your skills alone, then you need to deal them with your item build.


Most Dota players just use Black King Bar or Guinsoo for killing int heroes. They are good items though, for they can buy enough time for you to attack with less damage taken from your enemies. However, there is a new item that I think will surely make Gondar as effective(if not better)to gank mages--the Orchid of Malevolence. Here's how it works with him:

. Choose a hero that you want to hunt down. Use your Windwalk to your advantage.

. Wait for the perfect time that your Windwalk will cooldown so you can use it for escaping if things will turn-out bad.

. If the situation is perfect proceed by backstabbing your target and use the Orchid of Malevolence on him. That will silent your enemy for 5 seconds, disabling him for using any spell. Then it will be your perfect chance to make your decisive attack.

.Track can be helpful for increasing both your attack and movement speed for duration of time. You have the choice to use it before or after you casted the Orchid of Malevolence.

Aside from silence, Orchid of Malevolence has several benefits too. It will give the hero enough mana pool for his active skills, an increase of attack speed for 30% and additional 40 bonus damage. The recipe of the item is cheap too. It can be bought with little effort with it's less cost for every item needed.

So if you want Gondar to be a very effective mage hunter then use Orchid of Malevolence to your advantage. It will definitely improve your hero-killed stats in the game.

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