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Splash n' Burn-The Darkterror and Jakiro Combo

Splash n' Burn combo does not really need excellent skills for both players to execute it perfectly. However, timing and precision is still a key factor to make it more effective. The Faceless Void should have a decent attack speed and damage to kill enemies that may be trap on the Chronosphere. Jakiro, however, does not really requires much item for his skills are enough for this cooperative attack. Here's how it works:

Faceless VoidJakiro
. Look for a bunch of enemy, preferably 2-3 heroes that are closed enough to be trap on the Chronosphere.

. Let the Darkterror use the Timewalk to surprise the unwary foes and cast the Chronosphere just enough to fit all enemies.

. Then let Jakiro cast the Dual Breath and the Macropyre on the trapped enemies.

. Dual Breath can give as much as 140 damage plus the 20 damage per second for 4 seconds, counting 220 damage in all. Macropyre, on the other hand, can make as much as 875 damage if upgraded to level 3. The total damage for both skills can be 1095! Just enough to toast enemies with low HP to the ground.

. After 10 seconds(which is not that long) you can cast another Dual Breath on surviving enemies.

. For Faceless Void damage on Chronosphere will be more effective if equipped with Battle Fury. The splash damage is really good on such close-range area. Not to mention that it can be more powerful with more Battle Fury equipped, since it's splash damage can stack on the other.

. If you're not up to multiple Battle Fury for Faceless Void, try Radiance as replacement. The 32 damage per second is a good alternative for splash damage.

This strategy is one of the simple but very effective Dota gameplay. Best for killing down multiple enemies in one clash. Try it and have fun!

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