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How to Make Fun with your Ally! A Turncoat's Guide 1

This guide, obviously, is not for team play effort instead it's the other way around. Whenever I got bored with the game I always make fun with my allies just to change the mood for a while. Although, this is not an ethical way of playing with others but it's not that bad if your making fun with people you know-- like your friends. So better choose those poeple whom you want to make fun with, just to avoid any conflict.

This guide has limitations, depending on the heroes you are using and their innate skills. Here are some of those heroes:

Pugna the Oblivion
. When your ally is trying to escape on incoming mob, cast your Decrepify on him. This will slow down your ally's movement speed for 3 seconds and disabling him to use any skills. Leaving him helpless on a group of chasing enemies.

Atropos the Bane Elemental
. The same as how you used Pugna, cast Atropos' Nightmare to put your ally to deep slumber. Nightmare can turn your ally invulnerable for the first physical attack thrown on him but not on spells and skills. A group of enemy that is patiently waiting will feast on your ally if the effect of Nightmare vanishes.

Furion the Prophet
. Furion can trap your enemy with his Sprout but this time with your ally on it. With this tactic, your enemy will have no choice but to attack your ally instead of you. Thus, giving you freedom to attack him from the outside. It's like sacrificing one for your own good.

. If there are chasing enemies behind you, cast Sprout on your ally. Trapping him will buy time for your enemy to catch up or surround him. Turning their attention on your ally instead on you. Giving him no choice but to fight back desperately or use town portal or boots of travel to escape.

This guide will surely change how you play Dota. Simply a good alternative to make fun with the game. Try it and show that sly grin on your face.

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