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How to Make Fun with your Ally. A Turncoat's Guide 2

From the last guide I posted you've learned some of the dirty tricks that Atropos, Pugna and Furion can do to their allies. This time I will show how Pudge, Vengeful Spirit and Chen can do the same with their own skills.

Pudge the Butcher
. When an enemy is trying to escape and your ally is chasing him, use the Meathook on your enemy to have a kill-steal.

. On the same situation, again, use the Meathook. But this time aim not to the enemy but to your ally. That will delay him from coping up with the escaping foe.

. When a group of enemy is chasing you, try to hook one of your ally just to divert their attention away from you. Of course it's either you or your ally will fell as the victim of the angry mob or both of you.

Vengeful Spirit
Vengeful Spirit
. Try to be the bait on your team. When the enemies willl buy it, swap one of your ally in your place.

. Go near to the living fountain of your enemies' domain, then try to get hit by its shooting fire. Swap the closest ally to be the vicitim of its damage. Just make sure that the fountain will not burn you to crisp or you'll be the victim of you're own mischievous action.

Chen the Holy Knight
. When you are competing on killing a wounded enemy, use the Penitence to your ally to teleport him back to your base. Giving you the opportunity to have the last hit on the enemy.

Sounds fun eh?! Try it and enjoy the game.

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