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Perma-Stun Onslaught! Owning your Way to Group Clash

The perma-stun combo is one of the oldest strategy that most expert players of Dota used this on tournaments. This is however, has it's own pros and cons. Most of the heroes involved in this tactic are str type which are melee as well. Here's how it works:

. You can choose heroes which either have stun or skills that will slow down the movement speed of the enemies. Here are the heroes I recommend:

Tidehunter MagnusSlardarPandaren

. One of you must use Storm, for his ultimate skill Lightning Grapple is needed in earlier part of the game when other heroes still don't have Kelen's Dagger. Storm's Overload can do a short duration stun too, so he's a perfect hero for the job.

. Find a good spot where everybody can hide. Let other heroes to stand near Storm so everybody can join the grappling when the perfect time comes.

. The perfect moment to jump in is when a group of enemy are closed enough together.

. Let Storm use the Lightning Grapple to drive everyone on the enemies' position. Then let one hero stun the ground, followed by another, then by another-- so on and so forth.

. Make sure that you will do the stunning one at a time. So better assign everyone who will make the first move until the last.

. With successive stuns and attack your enemies will have no place to escape. Disabling them to use any skills and most probably ended up dead.

I love this tactic, it's fun to use for group clash. The high hp's of str heroes will make them last on the field of battle except if there are anti-str heroes like Obsidian Destroyer and Necromancer around. So better use this tactic wisely. I advise everyone to use Kelen's Dagger for later part of the game it might be very useful to get a good timing on your attacks.

1 comment:

ken-G said...

you didnot include NightStalker
i bet he will do an insane damage in night with permastun