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Common Gameplay Commands on Dota

Here are some of Dota's common gameplay guide that you may find useful. Some of this commands may work only to certain heroes and situations. They are fun to use and somewhat helpful for the game.

Using this command only works from the early minutes of the game. This will automatically gives you another hero selected randomly if your in all random mode. If you are on all pick, you will be given another chance to choose a new hero in the tavern.

Note: Using -repick may cost 500 gold and you can only do this just once.

This only works on Phantom Assassin's Blur. Her invisibility will return back after been hit by frost spells like Eye of Skadi, Frost Arrow, Frost Nova and related spells.

Note: You'll have to constantly type this to work. So I advise that you have to copy and paste the command to make it easier for you. Here is the shortcut key for copying the command: Hold CTRL and press HOME to highlight the word; then press CTRL C to copy and use CTRL V for pasting.

Automatically selects hero randomly on either Sentinel or Scourge's taverns.

Note:Selecting hero may cost lower when you use this command.

It will display the movespeed of your hero. If you equip items or use skills that boost your movement speed it will display its current speed.

Note: You can use -ms as shortcut for this command.

This command is only useful when you are stuck on certain places and disable you to pass through like on Mercurial's Phase. This will teleport you back on the fountain.

Note: It takes 50 seconds before you will be teleported and cause to be unmovable until it last. So use it carefully or better always bring town portal to avoid this to happen.

Banehollow NaixTerrorbladeDavion
This only works on heroes that may undergo metamorphosis like Lycanthrope, Soul Keeper, Naix and Dragon Knight. It will automatically return them back to the fountain.

Note: It takes time(200 seconds) to be teleported back to the fountain so better careful on using this command.

Displays the name of the players and the hero that they are controlling.

Note: You can use -ma as a shortcut to this command.

This command is perfect for those who forgot some of the Invoker's spells. This display all the spells that Kael can use.

Note: Even if your not using the Invoker you can still use this command and see its list.

Shows you your current creep kills as well as your creep denies. A good indicator for your farming performance.

Note: You can use -cson to keep the board showing and -csoff to keep it hidden.

Aloows you to select another player's controlled hero. This only may work from the beginning of the game and has time limit.

Note: All the item you bought before you type -swaphero command may carry over to your swapped hero.

-disablehelp / -enablehelp
These commands enable you to choose whether Chen's Test of Faith may work on you or not. Disable help will prevent you from being teleported back to your fountain.

Note: This command was made to prevent abuses of using Chen's Test of Faith.

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