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Important Information About Respawning Duration in Dota

Here are some important facts about respawning of certain elements in Dota. You might find this information helpful:

With the use of Tango of essification, trees become the veggies used by heroes to regain a portion of their health in the game.

Duration of respawn:
Trees respawn every 5 minutes of the game after the first creep wave.

Neutral Creeps:
This are the creeps aside from the Sentinels and Scourges minions. A good source of gold and experience in farming.

Duration of respawn:
Neutral creeps respawn at a shorter time than trees. It only took a minute for another batch of creeps to respawn.

Magic Runes:
Runes are the powerups you can use to boost your hero's performance in a short duration of time. They are found on the stream at the middle of the map just below the creeping ranges of both camps.

Duration of respawn:
It took 2 minutes for another rune to appear after getting one from either of both sides of the stream.

Hero Resurrection:
When your hero dies he is automatically revived in the fountain for a variable period of time.

Duration of respawn:
To calculate the time duration of reviving your hero you must multiply your level to 4.

Example: Current level 10 x 4 = 40 seconds.

This information may not be new to us, but most of us really don't know the exact respawning time of these elements in the game. I hope you'll find this piece of information valuable.