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Rhasta's Ultimate Item Build

Rhasta is one of the most valued support hero of Sentinels. With his Voodoo, Shackles and Serpent Wards, nothing beats his unique display of disabling skills. Although, always been played as a support hero, he can also be a very effective hero-killer depending on the item build. Thus making him a flexible hero for both supporting, disabling and killing.

Here are some of the best items that Rhasta players should use:

Considered the holy grail of necromancy and demonology, a powerful malefic force is locked within its pages.

+15 intelligence+6 strength Demonic Summoning (Level 1)Level 2
+21 intelligence+10 strengthDemonic Summoning (Level 2)Level 3
+24 intelligence+14 strength Demonic Summoning (Level 3)

One of the best item for Rhasta. It works well when he holds his enemy with his Shackles while the 2 summons freely attacks. One of the most underrated item but probably the most effective one for him. Another advantage of Necronomicon are the tribute skills both Demonic summons provide, like true sight and mana burn. Good for harassing invisible enemies and those with active skills.

Eul's Scepter of Divinity
A very powerful relic, a reminder to us of the archaic age.

+16 Intelligence+100% Mana Regeneration+20 Movespeed+Cyclone (Active)

If you claimed to be a good Rhasta player, then you might be using this item for sure. Eul's Scepter of Divinity is probably a core item and widely used item for Rhasta. The fact that it adds movement speed(which is Rhasta is lacking), additional int and mana regeneration plus the cyclone makes it a valuable item indeed.

You must have known this, but I'll just tell this anyway... Cyclone greatly helps in hunting down heroes. It can buy you more time to target heroes to be trap in your Serpent Wards. It can give you a better accuracy than by just using your Voodoo.

Guinsoo Vase of Scythe
Guinsoo's flaming staff that he uses to turn people into sheep on a whim.

+10 Strength +10 Agility +35 Intelligence +200% Mana Regeneration Hex (active)

One is good but two is definitely awesome. Guinsoo Vase of Scythe adds more time for you to harass an enemy. Buying you another 3.5 seconds for you to do another action whether escaping, harassing or just simply buying some time for reinforcement to arrive. Imagine having 2 Voodoos with Shackles and Serpent Wards. Isn't it scary?!

Refresher Orb
A powerful artifact created for the wizard Aghanim. Gives 4 HP regeneration per secon, 150% increased mana regeneration, +40 damage, and the ability to instantly refresh all ability cooldowns.

4 HP regeneration +150% mana regeneration+40 damage Reset Cooldowns (Active)

One is good but two is better plus twice the fun. Refresher orb is one of the best item for int heroes with 3-4 active skills. Rhasta is one of those heroes who is better equipped with this item.
Two Serpent Wards is best hero killing skill whether in a one-on-one fight or better, in a group clash. Not to mention, that you can use this item in demolishing towers too.

Other items includes:
Manta Style - your reflections will complement with Necronomicon Demonic summoning.
Shiva's Guard - Adds slow and damage to fleeing enemies. Additional disabling skill for Rhasta.
Orchid of Malevolence - a pretty useful items against enemies with intimidating skills.


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